Bollywood #3 Indian Restaurant


Food is amazing!!
I have ate at a lot of Indian restaurants and Bollywood is by far the best!
The dishes that I recommend:
– Vegetable samosa
*You will need to choose your spice level on these – If you don’t do well with spice, go with mild. I personally love spicy food so I could with the medium heat*
– Chicken tikki masala
– Vegetable korma
Other must haves:
– side of rice
– order of plain or garlic naan bread (I personally prefer the garlic but both plain and garlic are great!)
The place is kind of hard to find and service could be a bit slow at times — but the food is the BEST Indian I have ever had, so it still gets the 5 stars from me!

Niloo J.

            One of the best Indian restaurants I have ever been to. Since they opened this location, I have probably eaten there a good 30+ times, and had them deliver to my home about a dozen times. I thought it was only fair to broadcast a Yelp review akin to the glowing reviews I have passed on to all my friends and family.
I have sampled nearly everything on their menu and have yet to find something that was not fantastic. Their Chicken Makhani is one of the dishes I adore the most. Their saag is the hands down best I have had at any Indian restaurant. Their curries are out of this world, although seem to be a little inconsistent on the spiciness. No problem for me, just be sure you emphasize mild if you’re not a fan of spicy.
I will happily continue to give Bollywood my business and recommend it to anyone and everyone. :)

Brendon W.

Awesome food!  Love Bollywood.  I havent had anything bad!  Here’s my reco
Starters: Chicken Tikka, Veg Samosas, Onion Pakora
Main Course:
Chicken Tikka Masala, Channa Masala, Sag Panner, Plain Naan, White Rice.
Dessert if room – i’ve never tried desert here before but if you have a sweet tooth I typically would get Gulab Jaman or Rice pudding.

Rahul A.

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